Request for Proposal: Mabalozi wa Amani II Phase project Material Development Tender


As Tanzania begins to prepare for elections in 2025, EISA and TEC are implementing Mabalozi wa Amani II Phase project in Tanzania for a period of 18 months, from December 2023 – June 2025. The project is tailored to enhance the civic environment in Tanzania with the objective of improving the quality of inclusive, peaceful, and well managed democratic and electoral processes in Tanzania.

To improve civic participation in Tanzania, the action will build and sustain dialogue platforms and stakeholder consultative forums to enhance transparency, trust and confidence in democratic and electoral processes; and support coordinated long term peace monitoring and election observation (where possible) across the election cycle in Tanzania.

Tanzania Episcopal Conference is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to develop comprehensive civic education and democracy materials. The purpose of this initiative is to enhance civic engagement, promote democratic values, and foster informed citizenry within our community. We aim to create accessible, engaging, and informative resources that empower individuals to actively participate in democratic processes.