The chairman for the communication committee is Bishop Eusebius Nzigilwa, Auxiliary bishop of Dar es salaam Archdiocese. Other Bishops in the committee are Bishop Bernadin Mfumbusa of Kondoa Diocese and Bishop Titus Mdoe (the Diocese of Mtwara).

Just like other directorates, the head of communication (coordinator) reports to the TEC Secretary General in all matters concerning the daily activities as is stipulated in the statutes of Tanzania Episcopal Conference.


The mission of the communications office is to promote the Gospel values which are carried out through the use of the media for effective and efficient evangelization and for the integral development of human kind and society at large.

In order to realize this mission the department works in collaboration with the diocesan communications offices, communications agencies, institutions, government and non-governmental organizations and other stake holders.


The vision is to promote the Catholic Church in Tanzania and its activities for the promotion of Christian, social and human values through the means of social communications at the national and international level.

Importance/role of the directorate

It is based on the same fact that is stated in the decree on social communications which see the media as the necessary means of proclaiming the good news. The decree goes on to say “it is, therefore, an inherent right of the church to have at its disposal and to employ any of these media in so far as they are necessary or useful for the instruction of Christians and all its efforts for the welfare of souls. It is the duty of pastors to instruct and guide the faithful so that they, with the help of these same media, may further the salvation and perfection of themselves and of the entire human family”. The department for communications takes this as its reason for existence.

Having such great importance then, the department which oversees the whole process of communications within the church of Tanzania should be supported and encouraged in its efforts to own the media that can help in correcting values and reshaping the culture and attitudes that are sometimes distorted by profit-oriented media.

Responsibilities of the directorate

  • Among many other activities, the department deals with coordinating of all the matters concerning communications under the auspices of the Tanzania Episcopal conference.
  • It advices the secretariat when consultancy is needed on matters related to advances in science and technology affecting communications and the media.
  • It develops, supervices, and coordinates projects that are aimed at furthering the use of media for evangelization and development at different levels.
  • Whenever possible it organizes visits in order to enhance liaison with diocesan communications offices.
  • It conducts seminars and workshops as a means of capacity building and updating knowledge of non communications technologies

Sections of Communication Directorate

Coordination office

News and programs


Monitoring and evaluation

For administration and coordination

This basically means media unit, consisting of Kiongozi newspaper (produced on weekly basis), TV programs (pre recorded here and aired by TBC 1), Radio programs (produced here and aired by TBC Taifa).

This unit deals with selling vitenge, calendars, diaries, booklets and other printed materials under supervision of the communication office

Monitoring how media receives, translate and express the church message to its audience.

Pd Chesco Peter Msaga C.PP.S.

Mkurugenzi wa Mawasiliano Baraza la Maaskofu Katoliki Tanzania (TEC)
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Pascal Mwanache

News reporter for Kiongozi

-BA in Mass Communication

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Sarah Pelaji

Assistant news editor, Acting Marketing person

-BA in Mass Communication
-MA in Mass Communication

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Dennis Msotwa

TV/Video programs producer/Cameraperson

-BA in Mass Communication

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Geoffrey Hilmary

Graphics designer/social media person
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