About the Directorate

The Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) is a member based organization that includes all Catholic Bishops of Tanzania. It was founded in 1957 and it was officially registered on the 13th of May 1975.  The conference is comprised of 34 dioceses with its Headquarters in Dar es Salaam from which all permanent departments of the Catholic Secretariat cooperate with all dioceses and international agencies. The finance department was found when the Conference was found. 

The Finance and Administration directorate has a supervisory task on major income generating units, service units and ongoing programs and projects under TEC umbrella. All the income generating units of the TEC are there to support the survival of the secretariat financially. Planning, organizing and coordinating all the financial activities of the Secretariat and also initiate means of how the Secretariat can device means of soliciting income through different investments and projects. Liaison with external and internal agents on the one hand while monitoring and coordinating income sections on the other hand ensure the sustainability of the Conference.

Performance Review

The performance of the directorate has been growing yearly. The systems of keeping records have been improved from hand filing systems to computer record keeping. Capacity of the staff has also been considered. The directorate has and it strives to seek for more competent staff who are capable of using their skills in accordance with the need of the Secretariat.

Committee Members

The Committee for Finance and Administration Directorate comprises the following members:-

Rt. Rev. Bishop  Augustino Shao  CSSP


Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Mapunda


Rt. Rev. Method Kilaini


Rt. Rev. Alfred Maluma


Rev. Fr. Charles Kitima


Mr. Erick Mwelulila




“To be a Pastorally driven organ of the Catholic Bishops of Tanzania that lives catholic values and demands professional competence in its work”


The Tanzania Catholic Secretariat is an instrument of the Bishops Assembly to guide, coordinate, facilitate and promote pastoral and social services through collaboration with people of good will, for the evangelization of all.


Despite the general core values of TEC the Directorate staff has to adhere to core values of the directorate. The Finance and Administration Directorate is guided by the International Financial Reporting Standards in performing its activities, and also it relies on its internal documents which are Accounting Manual and Financial regulations

Core Values are:-

  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Technical Proficiency
  • Diligence
  • Understand professional responsibilities
  • We take full responsibility for our activities and are accountable for our work.
  • We honor our commitments and take pride in our work.
  • Understand and adhere to ethical responsibilities
  • We readily and openly provide information.
  • We proactively communicate and share our work status and priorities
  • We make clear the rationale for our recommendations.
  • We convey changes immediately and consistently.
  • We seek effective and efficient ways to solve problems, better serve our customers, and to remain fiscally responsible.
  • We are not afraid to try new things in our efforts to continuously enhance the results of our work.
  • We are ready to invite challenges which aim at instigating improvement.
  • Ability to use techniques, skills and modern financial tools in practice
  • Knowledge of contemporary issues
  • Manage financial information
  • Knowledge of financial theory and application
  • Work with enthusiasm
  • Follow instructions
  • Complete assigned tasks
  • Continuously improve

The Directorate Organogram