Bishop Kiangio Installed New Bishop of Tanzania’s Tanga Diocese

Thousands of believers from inside and outside the Tanga Catholic Diocese have witnessed the historic event of the consecration and installation of Bishop Thomas Kiangio as the fifth bishop of the Diocese, an event that coincided with the celebration of the Holy Mass in the Cathedral of St. Anthony of Padua, September 3, 2023.

Reading the appointment letter of Bishop Kiangio from the Holy Father Francis, the Nuncio to Tanzania, Archbishop Angelo Accattino said that the Church wanted to appoint a new bishop especially after the diocese became vacant following the death of the late Bishop Antony Banzi.

“When the diocese became vacant after the death of our late brother Antony Banzi, we wanted in the spirit of fatherhood to appoint a new bishop. Therefore, considering all those circumstances, we have seen that you, my dear son, are certainly decorated with great Christian and especially priestly virtues. Therefore, we name you to be the bishop of Tanga Diocese, granting you all the status and responsibilities that are compatible with the responsibilities given to you according to the conditions contained in the canon laws of the Church” stated the Document from the Pope.

In addition, the document added “We beg you, dear son, to shepherd God’s people with a cheerful heart, entrusting yourself and all your activities to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary so that you may be blessed with abundant graces to serve the Lord and His Church with a humble heart”.

Representing the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Samia Suluhu Hassan in the celebration, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has explained that the Government recognizes and appreciates the importance of the work done by religious leaders in guiding people spiritually, saying that their teachings make the Tanzanian society continue to be obedient and respect all leaders in power.

“The foundations of humility that you are building for your believers continuing to grow and making the Tanzanian society have a positive attitude towards its leaders. Our country has peace which is a noble value, let me just admit that the peace we have in our country, you are also very involved in building and protecting it. Due to the existing peace, Tanzanians will continue to worship freely, carry out economic and social activities freely, children will go to school, other development matters will take place due to the stability” Majaliwa explained.

The President of the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) Archbishop Gervas Nyaisonga has congratulated Bishop Kiangio and thanked him for accepting the duties given to him by the Holy Father Francis.

“On behalf of the Conference of Bishops, I would like to offer a word of congratulations to the new bishop Thomas Kiangio, congratulations. More than congratulating you, we thank you for accepting the responsibilities and we welcome you with open arms in our Conference of Catholic Bishops in Tanzania. Second, we give a word of thanks to all the people of Tanga for organizing a beautiful ceremony where each one of us feels given the respect he deserves” he said.

Giving a word of thanks in the celebration, Bishop Kiangio has thanked all those who have been part of his life and his mission until his appointment, while asking the believers to live pleasing to God.

“I will ask you more for your prayers and intercessions. I have chosen the words Love, Peace and Unity. Love starts in a person, it gives birth then it goes to the family, then the community finally gives birth to the church and the parish and even the state and the states, and this is how we have the Church. However, love, peace and unity begin with us within ourselves. If we have love, we will grow in peace and thus there will be unity” he said.