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                                                                             CALL OF PAPERS



The year 2019 was declared by the Bishops of Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) to be the year of the ÔÇ£Year of the FamilyÔÇØ in Tanzania.  ThatÔÇÖs why even the Lenten Message of this year brought the idea of the family as the basic cell of the society, school of faith, morals and evangelization.


The aim of these conferences to be held in July, September and November 2019, is to explore the connection between the family apostolate and the anthropological biblical and theological perspective.


The papers to be presented are expected to tackle several issues concerning the families, from a particular perspective of a given discipline.


Certainly we are going to share more theological knowledge through these conferences.




  1. All theologians and scholars are invited to present papers.


  1. Each presenter to select a perspective on the theme and prepare the paper accordingly.


  1. The outline/abstract/synopses to be sent to the Director for Pastoral Services during the Month of May/July/September respectively.


  1. The paper should not exceed eight (8) pages of A4 paper with 2.0 line space and Roman Times font size 12.




  1. Power point slides should be sent at least 2 weeks before the date of presentation


  1. Exact dates of each conference will be announced a month before the respective conference.


  1. A token honorarium will be given to each paper presenter.




Sub Themes


July 2019 Conference Theme:


  1. The Family: Its Origins and Its Nature.


  1. Anthropological Perspective
  2. Biblical Perspective
  3. Theological Perspective


September 2019 Conference Theme:


2.      The Family: School of faith Morals and evangelization.


  • Anthropological perspective
  • Biblical Perspective
  • Theological Perspective


November/December 2019 Conference Theme:


3.      The Family: Basic cell of the Society.


  • Anthropological Perspective
  • Biblical Perspective
  • Theological Perspective
  • Sociological Perspective





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