Diocese of MOROGORO

Area sq Kilometres   43,380 (16,755 Square Miles)

Population                  1,665,742                          

No. Of Catholics         680,907

Catechists                        451


Historical Notes

On 11th May 1906 was erected Vicariate Apostolic of Central Zanguebar. 21st December 1906 name was changed from Vicariate Apostolic of Central Zanguebar to Vicariate Apostolic of Bagamoyo. On 13th September 1910 Territory lost from Vicariate Apostolic of Bagamoyo to Vicariate Apostolic of Kilimanjaro(erected). On 28th January 1935 Territory Lost from Vicariate Apostolic of Bagamoyo Prefecture Apostolic of Iringa Vicariate Apostolic of Kilimanjaro to Prefecture Apostolic. On 25th March 1953 was elevated from vicariate Apostolic of Bagamoyo to Diocese of Morogoro.



The Right Rev. Bishop Telesphor Mkude, born on 30th November, 1945 at Pinde Village in Mgeta Parish, Diocese of Morogoro.  Ordained Priest on July 16th, 1972.  Consecrated Bishop of the Diocese of Tanga on 26th April 1988 and appointed Bishop of Tanga on 28th January 1988.  He was named Bishop of Diocese of Morogoro on 19th April 1993 and installed on 13th June 1993.


BishopÔÇÖs House,

P.O. Box 640, Kilakala


E-mail: mkude@africaonline.co.tz   mkude33@gmail.com

Tel:                  023 260 3340

Telefax:           023 261 3093


Fran├ºois-Xavier Vogt C.S.Sp. ÔÇá , 25 Jul 1906 Appointed - 6 May 1922 Appointed, Apostolic Administrator of Cameroon

Bartholomew Stanislaus Wilson, C.S.Sp. ÔÇá (4 Jan 1924 Appointed - 23 May 1933 Appointed, Vicar Apostolic of Sierra Leone)

Bernhard Gerhard Hilhorst, C.S.Sp. ÔÇá (26 Feb 1934, Appointed - 12 Dec 1953 Resigned)

Herman Jan van Elswijk, C.S.Sp. ÔÇá (18 Jul 1954, Appointed - 15 Dec 1966, Resigned)

Adriani Mkoba ÔÇá (15 Dec 1966, Appointed - 6 Nov 1992 Resigned)

Telesphore Mkude (5 Apr 1993 Appointed - )


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