Diocese of MAHENGE

Area Sq. Kilometres  25,253 (9,753 Square Miles)

Population  300,127           

No. Catholics  210,511   

Catechists 136

Historical Notes

On 21st April 1964, was erected from the Archidiocese of Dar es Salaam to The Diocese of Mahenge. On 14th January 2012 Territory Lost from Diocese of Mahenge to Diocese of Ifakara.


Right. Rev. Agapiti Ndorobo was born on the 14 August 1954 at Kidulo in Haubi Parish Kondoa Diocese. Ordained a priest on the 6th December 1980. Nominate Bishop of Mahenge on the 21st March 1995. Consecrated Bishop of Mahenge Diocese on the 16th June 1995.



BishopÔÇÖs House, Kwiro

P.O BOX 101/Mahenge




Elias Mchonde ÔÇá (21 Apr 1964 Appointed - 13 Jun 1969 Died)

Nikasius Kipengele ÔÇá (25 Jun 1970 Appointed - 7 Dec 1971 Died)

Patrick Iteka ÔÇá (14 Jun 1973 Appointed - 22 Aug 1993 Died)

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