Diocese of BUNDA

Area Sq. Kilometres   5,500 square kilometres

Population    812,300

No. Catholics  50,000



Historical Notes


The Catholic Diocese of Bunda was established on 27th November 2010. Administratively, it comprises of two Districts, namely Bunda, the entire Ukerewe Islands and two Parishes from Musoma-rural District. The Diocese has 31 Diocesan priests, 30 religious women and 10 religious priest and 384 catechists, working in the parishes, various directorate/departments and related institutions. We also have 25 major seminarians in the various formation houses, inside and outside the country.The Diocese is strategically located en route to Mwanza-Musoma-Tarime road crossing Tanzania-Kenya border at Sirari. It is in Mara Region, the north western part of Tanzania. The area consists of Bunda, Ukerewe and part of Butiama Districts. Bunda District lies to the north eastern side of Lake Victoria while Ukerewe District is an island in the Lake Victoria. The inhabitants are predominantly of Bantu origin engaged in fishing and farming. The climatic condition of the three districts forming the Diocese is fairly Tropical climate with plenty of fruit trees growing on the islands of Ukerewe and unpredictable seasonal rainfall in Bunda and some parts of Musoma rural District.




The Right Rev. Renatus Leonard Nkwande, born on 12th November 1965 at Mantare in Sumve Parish, Archdiocese of Mwanza: Ordained Priest on 02nd July 1995: elected Bishop of Bunda on 27th November 2010. He was consecrated, Bishop of Bunda, on 20th February 2011.




BishopÔÇÖs House, Nyiendo

P.O. Box 275, Bunda / Tanzania.

Phone: Residence: 

Fax: +255282621115. Mobile: +255756 595676. E-mail: dcbundanus@gmail.com


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