Catholic Church in Tanzania Closes the Extraordinary Missionary Month

Most Rev.Damian Daluu
       Most Rev.Damian Dallu

After the Holy Father Francis declared October 2019 to be Extraordinary Missionary Month in commemoration of the centenary of the Apostolic Letter Maximum Illud of Pope Benedict XV , of 30 November 1919, the Catholic Church in Tanzania closes it with National Eucharistic Celebration on November 10th at Msimbazi Centre in the Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam. The Secretary of PMS at Tanzania Episcopal Conference Rev. Jovitus Mwijage has disclosed that after the inauguration of the extra-ordinary Missionary month, each diocese in Tanzania celebrated according to the nature of their pastoral mission while reflecting the theme of the Holy Father Francis. On this coming Sunday, all Dioceses will meet in Dar es Salaam through their representatives - the bishops, priests, nuns and lay people to pray together as one family who are missionaries of their own time. The Holy Mass will be led by the President of Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) Most Rev. Gervas Nyaisonga, and all bishops in the country are expected to be in attendance. The Guest of Honour on the celebration is Archbishop Giampietro Dal Toso, President of the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) who will be joined by 15 representatives of Papal Missionary Organizations from the English-speaking countries. At the same time on November 9th -15th this year ,there will be a meeting of the Papal Missionary Organizations for English-speaking countries, which is held every two years, and their last meeting was held in Harare Zimbabwe in 2017. More than 2000 faithful will attend the celebration. The President of PMS in Tanzania Most Rev. Damian Dallu has issued a statement on the Extraordinary Missionary Month, saying that the Holy Father also urging the Church in Tanzania to continue engaging in activities that will bring the Good News to people who have not yet received it. Most Rev. Giampietro Dal Toso, President, Pontifical Mission Societies (Image Courtesy) ÔÇ£The Bishops in Tanzania invite you to look into your area for the presence of people who have not yet received the Good News. Let us preach to them by our good examples and deeds, that is to bear witness of our faith. We must also visit them and bring them the Good News,ÔÇØ he said. He said that as Tanzania is closing the Extra Ordinary Month, there some areas in Tanzania that need to be reached with the Good News as they are still remaining in the traditional beliefs of their ancestors. Also, there are those who have been baptized but for one reason or the other they have given up the Catholic faith and joined the Pentecostal churches or other denominations. ÔÇ£Let us reflect on what they miss in our Church, which find out there so as to work on it,ÔÇØ he said.ÔÇØ He insisted that the Church of Tanzania will continue to live the family mission, saying that the bishops are encourage Catholic to continue working on this idea because there is great need of investing in family. On October 22, 2017, Pope Francis announced to the Church his intention to officially appoint a Special Mission Month in October 2019 (Extraordinary Missionary Month (EMM OCT 2019) to mark the 100th Jubilee of Pope Benedict XV called Maximum Illud. The letter was written by the Pope after the World War I and the war during which there was senseless murder of people which was, according to Pope Benedict XV, so devastating to humanity. This prompted Pope Benedict XV to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide the world in the right direction for peace and harmony in the world. He saw it fit for the holy Spirit to inspire all priests and evangelists to prioritize preaching the Gospel to all peoples of the world so that the world would be rid of colonialism and nationalism.

Most Rev. Giampietro Dal Toso, President of the Pontifical Mission Societies
Most Rev. Giampietro Dal Toso, President of the Pontifical Mission Societies


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