Bishop Filbert Mhasi installed as new Bishop of Tunduru Masasi

  • Live as family, TEC President urges faithful in diocese

Rt. Rev. Filbert Mhasi has been installed as the fourth bishop of the diocese of Tunduru Masasi following his appointment by the Holy Father Pope Francis on 8 December 2018.  The diocese has been without a Bishop since October 2017 when Rt. Rev. Castor Paul Msemwa passed on.

Addressing the congregation during the installation ceremony at St. Francis Xavery Cathedral, on 17th February 2019, President of the Tanzania Episcopal Conference Bishop Gervas Nyaisonga expressed his gratitude to the new bishop and urged faithful in the diocese of Tunduru Masasi to live and work as a family based on unity and solidarity.

ÔÇ£Live as a family based on harmony, love and solidarity within your diocese. Work altogether with your new bishop. Demonstrate the family life and a sincere commitment which appears between parents and the rest of family members. You should see a father who is a refuge and advocate, and the father should see that he has family members who will comfort and encourage him in his mission. And so even the entire nation should live on the same principles of working togetherÔÇØ he said.

Speaking on behalf of the President of United Republic of Tanzania Dr. John Magufuli at the same function, the Minister of Law and Constitution Professor Palamagamba Kabudi said that the Catholic Church has become the important agent in helping the country especially in formation of ethical society.

He has also urged the church to focus on shaping youth to become responsible and respectable members of society.

ÔÇ£For many years the Catholic church in the Tanzania has provided its spiritual, economic and social contribution to our nation. The Church is doing a lot on sectors like education, health, care for the disabled, and the elderly and ethical formation for Tanzanians. May you continue to offer our young people with moral values, unplugging them from drug abuse and gamblingÔÇØ he said.

His Eminence Polycarp Cardinal Pengo, Archbishop of Dar es salaam was the principal Consecrator during the colorful ceremony which was attended by hundreds of faithful from across the diocese and beyond.

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