Group Photo of Most Rev. Philip Anyolo and Participants

By Sarah Pelaji


Chairman of AMECEA Social Communication Department Most Rev. Philip Anyolo said that the Church must exist be present in a world where there is rapid growth of technology and use them for purposes of evangelization.


Journalists need to help the Church to connect it with its believers, neighbouring Churches and the whole world.


“God is the first communicator. Right from the beginning, he was communicating with Adam and Eve, giving them different directions.  Even today God is everywhere, communicating with us in various ways. Similarly, the media must fulfil the obligation to unite the Church in the world,” Archbishop Anyolo said.

He said that on behalf of AMECEA bishops he wants journalists to speak the truth about the various issues that occur in society, making the Good News relevant to the modern society.


Archbishop Anyolo, who is also Archbishop of Kisumu Archdiocese, and President for the Kenya Catholic Bishops Conference (KCCB), calls upon the Catholic journalists to be professional and creative in order to provide true information.  


He also said that he wants Catholic journalists to collaborate with pastoral agents in gathering, writing and sharing information through media.

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